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Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world. It’s made up of over 17,000 islands, stretching 3,200 miles from east to west. With the colourful riot, traditional cultures and breathtaking natural beauty, Indonesia becomes a tourist point, especially Bali which is famous with relax and romantic natural beauty or the water sport activities. The picturesque view of the beach, the enchanted scenic waterfalls or the numerous ancient temples across the many islands will always immerse you. Filled with warm and generous people, your visits to Indonesia always welcome by Indonesians warmest greetings!

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A pregnant mom feels tired and stress easily, hence, looking for a place where can relax the mind and body is essential. If you are a pregnant mom who wishes to have a babymoon vacation prior to welcome your baby, or wish to have travel during your pregnancy in order to reduce tension from work or pregnancy, then, Bali is a wise choice for you.

Bali is one of over 17,000 islands that scattered throughout the Indonesian archipelago. Due to its natural beauty for beaches, lakes, mountains, hills, beautiful rice terraces and the colorful of Balinese Hindu festivals, Bali has earned itself a long string of appellations, as “Morning of the World,” “Island of the Gods” and the “Last Paradise on Earth.” 


Bali Beaches
Bali Island is surrounded with beautiful beaches such as beaches at Kuta, Jimbaran, Sanur and Nusa Dua are some well known Bali beaches. The beaches of Bali are the perfect place for your babymoon gateway as you can relax in the sun and feel the warm sun on your body and the cool breeze gently brushing your skin or just to stroll along the beach. Bali is also famous for its beautiful sunsets and you may relax and spent your time with your hubby or friends on the beaches to enjoy the sunset experience and enjoy a romantic dinner thereafter.

Bali beaches include:

Other than the water sport activities which not suitable for moms-to-be, Kuta beach also the centre for shopping with lines of stores, boutiques, galleries, market bazaars and jewellery. It also the centres of nightlife where you can enjoy a soothing drink at the open air-bars near the beach as you gaze at the stars letting the sound of the surf wash over you.

Along the beach, there are resorts, hotels and grilled seafood restaurants for visitors. Babymoon couples may choose to enjoy the sunset scenery while tasting the freshest seafood around.

jimbaran beach

Soka Beach
Moms-and dads-to-be can enjoy the lovely black sandy beach and the melodious sound of Indian Ocean. It is used as the place for cooling machine stop where can peace the pressure mind.

Uluwatu Beach
Uluwatu Beach is considered one of Asia best surfing spots, attracting “experienced surfers” from all over the world. Even if you are not a surfer or due to pregnancy reason, you should pay a visit as there are spectacular views to be enjoyed. Located at Uluwatu beach, the ancient Pura Luhur Uluwatu temple is one of the oldest and most important temples in Bali. As you will walk a distance to the temple, it is advisable to wear suitable footwear and dress with respect for the temple.

Instead of enjoying the sunset, Sanur is an excellent site to watch the sunrises as you walk along the white sandy beach. The main attraction of Sanur beach is the white sand and the beauty of constantly calm water.  You can just lying back, relaxing and working on a suntan. It is convenient at Sanur as it has travel agencies, money changers, supermarkets, boutique and traditional craft & art markets selling the souvenir which you wish to take home.

180° view off the beach in Sanur, Bali, Indonesia

Nusa Dua
A lot of luxurious resorts are located at Nusa Dua. The beautiful white beaches and the crystal clear water at Nusa Dua provide excellent snorkelling and diving sites.

Geger Beach
It has been acclaimed as “a hidden paradise” as the sun exposition, the quality of the sand and the clear water. You can admire the Geger Temple while you stroll along the beach.

Lovina Beach
Lovina beach is well known as an excellent site for watching the sunset, snorkelling and diving. Same as Kuta, the night life activities also abound but not as crowds as Kuta. There are also chartered boats to go on sea trips in early morning to observe the dolphins. 

Kusamba Beach
With the marvellous view for the splashing wave from the ocean comes together with the soft sea breeze, you can just lying back and relax on the beach while seeing the fishermen looking after the prawn seed, send the rice, vegetables, fruits to Nusa Penida.


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